Supportive Services

Supportive housing enables tenants to live independently by offering services tailored to help them meet their needs. Access to on-site supportive services increases tenant’s chances to succeed at job retention, educational attainment and family stability.

Broadway Housing offers support services directly and in collaboration with community-based agencies with which we have active and longstanding relationships. This approach allows us to avoid duplication of services and effort, and recognizes that supports such as mental health services, substance abuse treatment, medical assistance and employment training are better provided by agencies devoted solely to those missions.

Upon initial tenancy, tenants are assessed by Broadway Housing staff to determine likely supportive service needs and, together with the tenant, personal goals are identified. Broadway Housing staff are then charged with assisting each tenant to implement a program to achieve those goals. For some, this may mean referral to a job training program. Others, because of age or chronic health issues, may need assistance with daily activities and a home health aid may be arranged. Others may simply need the stability of permanent housing, together with the enduring relationships, trust, tolerance and community that a permanent home engenders.

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