Front Desk System

To promote a real sense of belonging, Broadway Housing encourages our tenants to engage with their community, both inside our buildings and in the local neighborhood. One way that tenants can establish an immediate connection with the building community is through part-time, paid employment with our Front Desk management system.

At each of our buildings, trained tenant-employees provide around the clock supervision and rapid response to the needs of fellow tenants. Front Desk staff regularly meet with supervisory management and service program staff to review problem solving strategies, conflict resolution techniques, and emergency procedures.

Nearly 20% of Broadway Housing’s tenancy is engaged in the operations of the Front Desk system. As tenants, Front Desk staff are genuinely invested in maintaining the quality and character of their residence and are attuned to the idiosyncrasies of their neighbors and the particular challenges they may face. Front Desk staff regularly offer extra attention to tenants in times of special need and are instrumental in resolving conflicts.

Front Desk positions can be perfect employment options for those who may not have the educational background, skills, or physical health to seek outside employment. For others, these positions provide the much-needed income and stability that together form the foundation from which they can pursue outside careers.

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