Ecological Wonders at the Rio Penthouse Gallery

Cesar Pineda:Ecological Wonders

Photographs by César Pinedo
April 9-April 30th, 2011

Opening Reception
Saturday, April 9, 2011
4PM – 7PM

The photographs in this exhibition depict the beauty, innocence and serenity of two of the Dominican Republic’s wonders: La Laguna de Cabral and La Presa de Hatillo.

The artist, César Pinedo, in a humane and conscious way, documents the natural and virginal beauty of these ecological sites with the intention of protecting them from the threat of multinational companies and the lack of government policies that protect the environment. For decades, La Laguna de Cabral and La
Presa de Hatillo have being the economic resource for many in these areas.

The fishermen portrayed in these photographs endanger their lives and defy the sea looking for their sole economic means: fish.

It is the commitment of the artist to document the traditional history of these men and their relationship with these vast, beautiful wonders.

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