College Bound

As part of our effort to extend educational supports to the community, Broadway Housing’s Parent and School Relations Coordinator, Betty Capellan, works with children at the Dorothy Day Apartments as well as families and individuals from the immediate community who may need assistance with educational and referral services.

We believe that involvement of the parents is crucial to a child’s success and, in a school system that can sometimes be pretty complex, parents and children sometimes need additional support. In a jungle of different public schools, private schools, charter schools, applications, lotteries and scholarships, Betty is happy to provide the insight and help that many parents need to make sure that their children get the best education possible. Betty helps parents and children to get involved in school and plan for the future, by providing them with advice about school placements, from elementary school to college. She also makes sure that each student that needs extra help will get it, either through the Dorothy Day After School Program or by referral to other support programs.

Our goal with this program is to enhance the life of any family or individual in need, whether it be help with mental health issues, contact with social service agencies or support to enter the workforce. Apart from the after school program, we also offer help with computer skills, internet use, resume building, preparation for job interviews and job referrals.

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