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December 19, 1993

Shelters Lead Nowhere

New York Times | December 19, 1993

By Dennis P. Culhane

Philadelphia – People are fed up with the homeless, particularly aggressive panhandlers. Even traditionally tolerant cities such as San Francisco and Seattle have passed laws effectively prohibiting people from being…

Ellen Baxter

Politicians can’t find a solution to the problems of the homeless. But this community activist has one that works.

New York Times Magazine | December 19, 1993

By David C. Anderson

On a bright autumn morning, a crowd…

December 1, 1993

Fort Washington Armory

City Limits | December, 1993

The image of more than a thousand homeless men sleeping on cots in the bleak, cavernous space of the Fort Washington Armory became a national symbol of the cruel treatment of homeless people during the…

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